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Passionate Plume Winners

17th Annual Passionate Plume 2023 Finalists

Law & Disorder: Golden Angel
Black Light: Cured: Vivian Murdoch – Winner
Dungeon Showdown: Golden Angel

Tom’s Type: Love at the Haven: Stella Shaw
Sorrento Seduction: Hanna Park
Butterfly Dreams: Lacee Hightower – Winner

Another Charge: Alexa Padgett
The Lab Wars: Kyra Fox
The Layover: Allyson Lindt – Winner

His Reluctant Marchioness: Sorcha Mowbray
Fiona and the Enigmatic Earl: Grace Callaway – Winner
A Season for Spies: Golden Angel

You Only Die Twice: Vivian Murdoch
Arcane Island: Angela Knight
Fire Magic & Ice Cream: Lauren Connolly – Winner

Salty, With a Taste of Dragon: Seriah Black
The Bookstore: R. Volt
Air Affair: Leslie Vollard – Winner

16th Annual Passionate Plume 2022 Finalists

Note: Winners indicated in bold/italic. 

Contemporary – Long

Mint to Be – Madelynne Ellis

Valentine’s Day – Ophelia Bell

What Happens in Chicago – Liz Crowe

Contemporary – Short

The War Within – Barb Simmons

Only Chance at Love – Mia London

The Viking Blues – Jennie Kew

Erotic Fiction

The Lodger: That Summer -Levi Huxton

It’s Paradise, Baby – KD Ryan

Willing – Leslie Morris Noyes


Olivia and the Masked Duke – Grace Callaway

M’Lady – Hannah Morse

Pippa and the Prince of Secrets – Grace Callaway


Infernal Desire – Angela Knight

Between Love and Death – Deni Dawson

Subversion – Allyson Lindt


Love Under a Diamond Sky – Katherine McLellen

Ambivalence – Jessica Jayne

Wrecked Without You – Renee Shelbey


Silently – Tayla Blayne

Insidious – Amy Mitchell

Rosalynn’s Rebellion – Maggie Sims


15th Annual Passionate Plume 2021 Finalists

Note: Winners indicated in bold/italic.  2020 Plume canceled. 


His Own Heaven – Jennie Kew
From Sir with Love – Rachell Nichole
Henry – Raisa Greywood


The Pool Boy – Nikki Sloane
Hard Ride – Jayne Rylon
The Redemption – Nikki Sloane


The Return of the Duke – Grace Callaway
The Duke Redemption – Grace Callaway


Frankie and Johnny: Let the Music Play – Xio Axelrod
One Night in Portland – Angelique Migliore
Sacrifice and Seduction – Jennie Kew

Speculative (PNR & SciFi)

Veil of Orion – Diana Marik
Hade’s Flower – C. E. DeRosier
The Prince and the Pencil Pusher – Kinzie Blades

Steamy (tie)

Adam Bomb – Kilby Blades
Haven – Jessica Jayne
His Last Hope – Sharla Wylde
Issued – Paris Wynters

Virgin (5K word opening by an unpublished author)

Fate’s Awakening – Ryley Banks
Her Captain and Commander – Pearl Berri
The Homecoming Dance – Jamie Belamour


14th Annual Passionate Plume 2019 Finalists

Note: Only BDSM had enough novella entries to have their own category. Novellas for other categories were judged with the longer works with authors’ permission.

BDSM (six finalists from tie scores)

Catering to His Demands by Rose C. Carole

Finders Keepers by Jessica Collins

The Gypsy and the Rogue by Claire Thompson

Highland Dom by Marie Tuhart – WINNER

River of Harmony by Lena Moore

Third Time Lucky by Jennie Kew

BDSM Novella Finalists

All Thorns Eve by Diana Rose Wilson

Bastard’s New Baby by Raisa Greywood – WINNER

Looking After Lindy by Pepper North

Contemporary (six finalists from tie scores)

Rough and Ready by Cathleen Ross

Spice Island by Saharra K. Sandhu

Still Waters by Jayne Rylon – WINNER (TIE)

Tempting Secrets by Michelle Windsor – WINNER (TIE)

Top and Tails by Clare London

Unlawful Seduction by Sassy Sinclair


Chastely Bitten by Lexi C. Foss – WINNER (TIE)

Loving Phoenix by Trinity Blacio

The Mistwalker by Regine Abel – WINNER (TIE)

Resonance by Jennifer Greenhall

Science Fiction, Historical or Time Travel

Better to Marry Than to Burn by Michal Scott

Legion by Regine Abel

Operation Phoenix by Susan Hayes – WINNER


13th Annual Passionate Plume (2018)

Contemporary Novel

Winners (tie):
Rewritten by Bronwyn Green
The Rivalry by Nikki Sloane

Arranged: Masters and Mercenaries by Lexi Blake
Fighting Attraction by Sarah Castille
Stealing Beauty by Jessica Collins
Wicked by Ashley Bostock

Honorable Mention (exceptional titles whose scores were very close to finalists’ scores):
At His Mercy (Forbidden Lovers) by Shelly Bell
One Call Away by Felice Stevens
The Storm: A Berry Springs Novel by Amanda McKinney

Historical Novel

The Gentleman Who Loved Me by Grace Callaway

His Hand-Me-Down Countess (Lustful Lords #1) by Sorcha Mowbray
His Sapphire by Maggie Chase
Their Emerald by Maggie Chase
The Westerman Affair by Regina Kammer


Written on His Skin by Simone Stark

Bedding The Enemy by LaQuette
Fast Forward by Xio Axelrod
More the Merrier by Jayne Rylon
The Art of Worship by Kilby Blades
The Carpenter by Robin Stone

Speculative Novel

Winners (tie):
Escaping Fate (Veredian Chronicles Book 1) by Regine Abel
Wild Card by Susan Hayes

Anton’s Grace by Regine Abel
Her Clockwork Heart (London Calling Anthology) by Dena Garson
Hot Wings by Ophelia Bell
RECKONING by Shana Figueroa

2017 Winners
2016 Winners
2015 Winners
2014 Winners

12th Annual Passionate Plume (2017)

Contemporary Novel

Obsession by Ann Mayburn

Finalists (one extra due to tied score):
Craving Justice by Fiona Archer
Ink Enduring by Carrie Anne Ryan
Savage Collision by Gwyn McNamee
The Detective’s Pleasure by Christa Tomlinson


One Breath Away by Michal Scott

Before There Were Three by LA Witt
Hidden Ink by Carrie Anne Ryan
Love’s Changes by LaQuette

Speculative Fiction

In the Court of Love and Loss by Jenna Ives

Mated in Mistby Carrie Anne Ryan
Vengeance by Shana Figueroa
Wolf Betrayed by Carrie Anne Ryan

11th Annual Passionate Plume (2016)

(Finalists are listed within categories in alphabetical order by title.)

Contemporary Novel

Just Business by Anna Zabo
Kneel, Mr. President by Lauren Gallagher
The Professor’s Student by Bronwyn Green

Contemporary Novella

Jackson & Nick by Laura Baumbach
Mastered by My Guardian by Opal Carew
The Secret of Obedience by Liv Rancourt

Fantasy/Futuristic/Science Fiction (Novels and Novellas)

Alice’s Erotic Adventures Through the Mirror by Liz Adams
Deep by Jaine Diamond
Lips Like Ice by Peggy Barnett

Historical (Novels and Novellas)

To Love a Hellion by Nicola Davidson
Suspended Game by Roz Lee
Wrecked by Deanna Wadsworth

Paranormal and Time Travel (Novels and Novellas)

Blood, Pain, and Pleasure by Nadine Mutas
The Power of the Bite by Lisa Oliver
Viking Fire by Crystal Jordan
Your Wild Heart by Dena Garson

10th Annual Passionate Plume (2015)

Contemporary Novel

If It Drives by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov
Friends with Benefits by Anne Lang
Slow Satisfaction by Cecilia Tan
Starstruck by L.A. Witt
Three Nights with a Rockstar by Shari Slade

Futuristic/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel

Mystic’s Touch by Dena Garson
Charlotte and the Pirate by Patricia Green
Eddie, My Love by Patricia Green
Morningstar by Robyn Bachar
Unexpected by J.J. Lore

Historical Novel

Dark Duke by Sabrina York
Defiant by Sabrina York
Disobedience by Design by Regina Kammer
Punishing Miss Primrose by Em Brown
The Blacksmith’s Bride by Patricia Green

Winterball by Holley Trent
After You by Ophelia Bell
Bold Move by Isabelle Drake
The Big One by Louisa Bacio
The Break-in by Aidee Ladnier

Paranormal/Time Travel Novel

Hero Rising by Anna Alexander
Ariel’s Super Power of Love: The Erotic Wonders of a Super Heroic Woman by Liz Adams
Familiar Places by Cameron Quintain
Passion of Sleepy Hollow by Lexi Post
Sated: A Dark Romance by Charity Parkerson

9th Annual Passionate Plume (2014)

Contemporary Novel

Capture and Surrender by L.A. Witt with Aleksandr Voinov
Making Over Maris by Sabrina York
Daring Miss December by Maggie Wells
Heart of Ash by Sabrina York
Second Chance Sam by Bren Christopher
August Awakening by Maggie Wells
The Princess and the Porn Star by Lauren Gallagher

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel

House of Sable Locks by Elizabeth Schechter
Legend Beyond the Stars by S. E. Gilchrist
Fueled By Lust: Drusus by Celeste Prater
Glory Dogs: Forged Through Glory by Dezré Storm
Something New Under the Sun by L.A. Witt

Historical Novel
Pleasuring the Lady by Jess Michaels
Her Lovestruck Lord by Scarlett Scott
Her Husband’s Lover by Madelynne Ellis
Let’s Misbehave by Stephanie Draven
Unhinge the Universe by L.A. Witt and Aleksandr Voinov


A Night at The Cavern by Anna Alexander
The Dom, the Switch and the Sub by Diane Leyne
Decadence by Karen Stivali
A Christmas of Coal and Mistletoe by Bobbi Romans
Rebound Baby by Tobi Doyle

Paranormal Novel

Masque by Lexi Post
Ghostly Persuasion by Dena Garson
Hero Unmasked by Anna Alexander
Edge of Night by Crystal Jordan
That Pearly Drop, Murphy’s Law of Time Travel #1 by Jianne Carlo
Symphony of Light and Winter by Renea Mason