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Pen Name Use

Guest Guest_Gemma_Carlson_*

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Guest tillygreene

If I remember correctly, when you fill out the application, it requires your real and pen names both be noted, but you can keep it private.

Congrats on almost finishing and luck for a quick acceptance :o

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Guest Nina Pierce

I second that information. For legal reasons RWA asks for your legal name on the form. Adding pen name(s) on the form is easy. The nice thing is that when you make PRO and PAN, all your alter egos automatically get to do the same.

But you can't complete the form with just a pen name.

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Guest Alannah Lynne
I'm nearly finished with my first erotic romance and ready to join RWA and Passionate Ink. I have written quite a bit of non-fiction under my real name, and don't wish to merge the two worlds in any way.

My question is, can I join RWA using my pen name?


The name that I use here is my pen name.

Congrats on finishing the manuscript and welcome to PI. Everyone around here is so nice and helpful, it's a wonderful home.

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