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At last, GENETIC SNARE, book #2 in my Details Series is available at MLR Press.  It was 14 years in the making, but I finally got it out.

It was surprising but a big relief they way the characters just came right back alive after all that time. Not so easy with pirate speak and gangster slang from the two main characters. I think I'll have to write a third one now. 

Betrayal, passion, adventure, primal sex, and a fight to the death. Mating a 26th century Oracan Bounty Hunter with a 18th century Earth pirate has its little glitches.

Bounty hunter Talos bows to pressure to bring his life mate home for the completion of his strict warrior culture's bonding ritual. Aidan, displaced 18th century Earth pirate -- light- fingered, sly, charming, and understandably naive about the new world he's been thrust into -- can't wait. Even if it turns out someone wants him dead. The 26th century looks different, but it turns out to be a lot like his old life!

What's the longest you've gone between books in a series?


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