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  1. PITCH GUIDELINES (for members only) Following are the guidelines for pitching your work at Passionate Ink to interested editors and agents: The pitch will be held in the PI forum. The author must forward their pitch to pitch@passionateink.org Monday - Thursday before the pitch. (In some cases agents/editors may pick other dates so keep an eye out for the details when the pitch event is posted in the forum and across the web). The Pitch Chair will post your pitches ANONYMOUSLY to the Pitching Arena. The Pitching Arena will be accessible only to members that are pitching and to editors/agents. Editors/agents will have access to post comments, accept or reject a submission, or ask for author contact info. (Editor’s may choose to post or may choose to communicate through the Pitch Chair.) Once the pitching round is completed pitch threads will be deleted and access to the pitching arena reverted so please ensure you copy the comments made about your pitch. Everyone will have access for up to 1 week after pitching review starts (Friday to Friday). The Pitch Chair (reached via the pitch@ email listed above) will coordinate forum access for all parties prior to the pitch session, and connect authors and agents/editors at the editor’s request when the pitch session is over. The Pitch Chair will notify you when your pitch is posted, when you have access to the arena, and when or if an editor has requested your full submission based on your pitch. Each writer is to prepare and submit the following to pitch@passionateink.org: Please submit ONLY the following -- embedded in your email is preferred. Extraneous details will be omitted from your pitch when posted (if the rest of the needed details are included). If your pitch is missing information below, or you have significantly exceeded the 300 word count, I'll reply asking you to revise your pitch. Name (your PI name / pseudonym) - will remain anonymous, for administrative use only. This should match your PI account email so we can find you and give you pitch arena access. Email – will remain anonymous, for administrative use only. This should match your PI account email so we can find you and give you pitch arena access. Title of the work Genre of the work Your manuscript's word count Whether the MS is previously published or a simultaneous submission. A 300 word pitch - or specific instructions per the editor as provided in the pitch calendar for the year. The pitch should be specific to the story -- not your background / credentials as an author. This event is all about the story. It is expected that the manuscript is complete and not a work in progress. Your pitch should be polished and professional; if you’d like guidance on how to prepare your pitch, please contact your fellow members that you see announcing their recent publications, the board (directors@passionateink.org) for additional input and resources, and of course, check out Google search! ADDITIONAL Q&A 1) Do we provide our real name or our nom de plume? The name you use here in PI for your profile so we can identify you; this info is not given to the editor/pub/agent. You can provide the legal stuff when they ask to see more / you get to contract time. 2) I see that the email request is for administrative purposes. Do we provide the one that you have on file so that you can match it to the member or can we use an alternate email? Admin as in, the email alias we use is public and listed on our website. There have actually been people who write us who are NON members with their pitch content, hoping to take advantage of / join the pitch, which is closed for members-only. You should provide the email address associated with your PI account, so we can verify who you are. In many cases the editor/agent doesn't want your contact info even if they are interested; we provide you with THEIRS/the instructions on how they'd like to receive your submission. You can then write them from whatever email address / give them whatever email address you want. 3) Do we send the pitch in the body of the email or as an attachment? If an attachment, what format is preferred? Your pitch is simply posted in our closed forum, so the body of the email is fine. Nothing fancy. Just follow the guidelines Be sure that if/when the pub/editor/agent asks to see your submission (we'll tell you details of what they want if this happens) that you supply this to them in the exact format they define! 4) I understand the actual pitch session begins on XX date; if I read correctly, then pitches are due the day before the first day of the event. Is that correct? Nope! The event is a week long, and the editor/agent/publisher shows up on FRIDAY MORNING at the END of the week to review pitches (at their leisure) and then lets me know which ones they want. You have Mon-Thurs the week of to provide your pitch to me via email. Thanks so much for your help. It's my first pitch and I am working in the dark. I do appreciate your patience and assistance! Happy to help! Don't overthink it. Part of the value of this format/program is to give you a safe space to pitch anonymously. Even if you "mess up" the E/A/P won't know it's YOU because they won't be given your name or contact info; just the pitch. This way, you can work on crafting a better pitch for next time if it's passed over. You'll have the chance to pitch again, to other E/A/Ps. If there is a sample or example that I can review, that would be awesome. Unfortunately due to anonymity and to respect members' privacy and their legal rights as authors, I can't share real pitches from the program. That's considered intellectual property. Plus we delete them from the forums. Spend a little time on Google searching for how to pitch -- there are great articles out there with tips. You can also start with writing a synopsis -- just work to whittle it down to the 300 word limit. Another option -- ask on our social channels whether anyone is willing to share their original pitch for a book they've already published. That way, they're giving you permission to review it as a guide, and they can feel safe that it will not be misused because they've already published the work! Let me know if you have other questions! Thanks, Mira
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