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  1. Hi, Sassy,

        My name is Ryan T. Osborn. I publish LGBT romantic suspense and LGBT Romantic Comedy and Contemporary under two different names.  my legal name/brand writes rom suspense/thriller, my pen name David Camily writes Rom Com and Contemporary.  Each is a separate brand and separate persona.  I hope this helps.

  2. Dear PI,

         Most of you know me as that wayward rascal that runs Happy Hour.  I've got an authorversary coming up.  June 15th marks the one year anniversary of "Caine's Alibi" My full length LGBTQIA Romantic Suspense Novella.  As an Author, I would like to invite you to cry your brand and participate by taking over my fan group, "The Lightning Crew"  Please click the link below to sign up.  Thanks again and have a wonderful day,


    Ryan T. Osborn

    Author of "Caine's Alibi"

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