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  1. Hi Regina, Thanks so much for your response. Wish I had known this two years ago! Do you think the following would be worth my effort ... Taking the books off sale, changing the covers and changing the titles and making the current titles the subtitles? The current titles are Unlawful Desires and Unlawful Seduction. For example, I would change to ... Love in Action: Unlawful Desires and Love in Action: Unlawful Seduction. (I don't have a new title yet, this is just an example.) Another option is to taking the 2 books off sale and repackaging them as a two book set with a new o
  2. Mira, I truly appreciate this advice! I will indeed take a shot at revising the covers and reclassifying. My concern was that readers who aren't expecting erotica, might be offended and post a bad review. Has that not been your experience. Do you add any words in the description to warn readers. I've seen books that are clearly erotica described as "dangerously sexy." Is that enough warning? Thanks much! Sassy Sinclair (AKA Pamela Samuels Young)
  3. Hi, I'm a mystery writer who's dipped my toe into erotic suspense. I need guidance on how my two erotic legal thrillers should be classified on Amazon. I marked that they should not be read by anyone under 18 and the sales have been abysmal when compared to my 9 legal thrillers (though I know that's apples to oranges). I read recently that Amazon doesn't promote erotica? Is that correct? I've also read articles about erotic authors whose books have been blocked on Amazon. But I see books with much more graphic sexual content than mine that are heavily promoted as "dangerous" romance,
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