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  1. I do not write mystery or thrillers. I've renamed and recovered books with the same content and for like a year, I keep the Author note: this book was previously titled ______ so my current readers don't think it's a new book. And you of course could let your newsletter subscribers know what you're doing and sek input from them as well. I think you would be fine.
  2. There is a new update regarding the Sexy Scribbles and the Passionate Plume contests. Passionate Ink is merging the contests into one! While we have always enjoyed both contests for different reasons, having one contest per year is more worthwhile for the members who run it as well as for the members who enter. You know your board has been hard at work devising new roles and streamlining old roles, and the commitment to run two contests per year, is a big challenge. The Passionate Plume will be THE contest each year beginning 2021. We have included a new category, Most Anticipated Erotic Romance for unpublished authors. Stay tuned for more information regarding contest open dates, judge signups and entry requirements! Thank you for your support as we navigate to a new and improved Passionate Plume contest that will serve our unpublished and published members for years to come!
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