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  1. Well, what I'm working on features a very take charge women and the male character is seeking to serve. He isn't supplicant but is subordinate. My S&M scenes are much more focused on impact play of various kinds with mental games via the observations and commentary. The non-sexual interactions have a more formal feel and are clearly directed by her in terms of pacing.
  2. The one I referenced has a force fem plot as well but based on other Deloto I have read not as...vicious I guess. My own work won't fit the forced fem either. While I enjoy forced fem it is nearly everywhere in F/m material which makes the niche a bit one trick.
  3. Sorry so long to get back...It is Sara Desmarais. It appears it is no longer on Amazon but is on Lulu and iBooks.
  4. Thank you Torden. My favorite novel in the area is The Virgin Bride which has some pretty hot scenes but really lacks in the relationship department and is very much male centric (we see him alone but not her). I have a handful of anthologies with a few stories I really like. When I'm home I'll get some titles and authors.
  5. Is the lack of these books a lack of supply or a lack of demand? Very late to the party but the lack you are asking about, specifically the dire lack of even merely bad F/m BDSM erotica/erotic romance is what finally got me to move from "writing a book one day" to "writing this book everyday until it is done." I am writing it because I'm tired of not finding it. In talking to people in the scene there is some interest, especially among actual female tops, for this kind of book. To quote one I talked to "I never see me in what is out there". So I would say in my narrower niche it
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