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    Writing erotica and contemporary. Daydreaming. Traveling. Researching family history on Ancestry. One time background actress in movie "Carol".

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  1. It was a crazy summer and fall. I realized I accidentally let my membership here lapse, so here I am. New year and finally getting organized again. As far as writing, I have 3 rough drafts, about half way or more not quite done, waiting in the wings, and I am so hoping I will finish one of these drafts soon and get into rewrites before summer. It sort of feels like writer's block, but I am writing, so how can that be? Perhaps it is a matter of not focusing on one project.

    My favorite psychic told me not to worry about my writing, that 2 or 3 doors will be opening, so I am pushing forward despite my publisher closing their doors in June. (With whom I have 3 contracts.) So, Universe, please open those doors.

    I'm finding some ways to take a breather. Flew out to LA mid-January with my sister and hit 12 wineries in 2 days. Wow. It really was a whirlwind. My sister stayed for work, but I had to fly home alone. (Never flew alone before and I managed it quite smoothly. Also used eticket for first time! lol) 

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year and finding time to write.

    1. Cynthia Gentry

      Cynthia Gentry

      Hi Reghan, welcome back! And congratulations on having three drafts going. That's great. 

    2. Reghan Ross
  2. My 2nd book, "Trapped" was released end of September. Love this cover by artist Dar Albert. Thanks as always to the Loose Id team, and my editor Molly Daniels, for making this book so much better!


    1. Nikki Prince

      Nikki Prince

      Congratulations!  That is a fantastic cover!

    2. A.W. McQueen

      A.W. McQueen

      I'm late to the party but Congrats Reghan! 

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