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  1. I can't say I'm typical because I've only pitched for the first time recently, but at the end of the pitch week I got a notice from the PI pitch chair that the editor wanted to see a partial with information on how to send it. I immediately sent that and within a week she'd requested the full. I immediately sent that and had a contract within another week. So my answer is - way faster than sending to the submission pile. I was really surprised at the fast turnaround. I think as long as you truly have your finished manuscript ready to go, this is the fastest method for getting your manuscript seen and contracted. --Aidee
  2. Oooo! I'll have to check that out. I love sex in BDSM stories, but there is something so pure about the submission when there is not! --Aidee
  3. Hi Rose, The pitch calendar is here: http://passionateink.org/forum/index.php?/topic/17869-2016-pitch-calendar-results/ I think the next pitch session (since the Loose Id just finished) is in Sept. --Aidee
  4. I'm also troubled by labeling of erotic romance as strictly BDSM. I've read some amazing books with explicit plot driven sex that are considered sexy romance and some books with no sex in them that are very obviously BDSM (Tami Veldura's Stealing Serenity comes to mind where the characters share only a kiss but lots of rope). I think good erotic romance can have BDSM but not all BDSM books are erotic. Likewise, I think erotic romance can have "vanilla" sex and be full of eroticism. But like all labels, I think this reflects the current cultural expectations. Education is needed to broaden the horizons or readers. And yes, I am totally behind more nipple clamps! Such fun. --Aidee
  5. Looooove Mailchimp. It's really easy to use. --Aidee
  6. Hi Cameron, I and another author actually did a presentation on author websites. This is what we found when we did research (but I haven't actually taken all this advice on my site, so it's totally a do as I say not as I do). But here are some of the basic things that you'll want on a site: What should be on my website? 1. Newbie: Basics 2. Querying: Brochure 3. Contracted/Published: Full Site 1. Basics: ● Home - tagline should be in the header of this and all other pages ● Social Networking links (on every page) ● Copyright (on every page) ● Contact Information or Form ○ If you post your email address it can be harvested by spammers ○ But you can mask your email if you’re careful ○ readers like to contact you ● Bio (including picture) ○ Readers like to feel like they know the author ○ Refer to yourself in the third person ○ Be fun, entertaining and interesting ○ List awards and publication highlights ○ Optional: if you have a newsletter, put a signup form at the end of this page. If readers really want to get know you, they’ll sign up ○ Update your bio every few years Good Bio Harriet Ann McGillicuddy is the author of three books, including the award-winning new adult romance, Krissie Falls In Love. She is a regularly guest speaker at Portland University on romance culture and writing. When not writing or teaching, you’ll find Harriet at Portland area craft fairs where she and her children sell handmade coasters and lawn ornaments to benefit local bird-watching charities. Bad Bio I am Mrs. Carlton Stanley Whitson, III. I write romance books. I once visited the lions at the zoo and have a tabby cat named Mr. Whiskers. We live at 200 Pine Level Street in San Diego. And except for my trips to visit the dermatologist on every second Tuesday, you can find me sitting on my porch glaring at the neighbors across the street. I don’t believe in writing blogs or participating in social media. Buy my books. 2. Brochure: ● Basics + ● A page for each book you are querying ○ Blurb ○ SHORT excerpt ○ Anything else you’d like to share about the writing of the book ● Coming Soon/WIP ○ Information on what you’re writing now 3. Full Site: ● Basics + ● Brochure + ● A page for each book contracted/published ○ Cover ○ Title ○ Publication year and ISBN ○ Series (if applicable) ○ Blurb ○ Excerpt (check your contract for word count limits) ○ Buy Links (list your publisher first) ○ Awards ○ Reviews ● News ○ A page for announcements (new books, appearances, blog tours, contests, giveaways) ● Appearances ○ Schedule of appearances, book signings, lectures, etc. ● Newsletter signup (accessible from every page) ● Free stories or tidbits- readers love these and the idea of “exclusive” content. Often they’ll check to see if you have something extra about a book you’ve published like background on a character or a deleted scene or even research you did on a book ● Printable list of your books ● Have a series? Put a listing of the order they should be read in ● To blog or not to blog: that is the question ○ Only if you REALLY want to AND will do it consistently (does not have to be daily but should be weekly at minimum or at least on a regular schedule) ○ It takes time to write blogs but it’s an instant writing sample for readers to see ○ Readers like interesting blogs and will return to them and as a result your website ○ Have a way to let visitors subscribe and search your blog ○ Search engines like blogs and will give you higher rankings Pros Cons Brand/Book advertisement Just more social media Search engines notice blogs Must be done consistently Build a community No instant following Updates your website Comments must be moderated Readers often love it Already interact with readers Inexpensive Time intensive Cool guest authors visit your blog Questionable ROI Displays an instant writing sample It’s no fun if you don’t like it THIS IS A PERSONAL DECISION CAVEAT AUCTOR: Websites cannot be created and then just ignored. They need to grow and change with your career. Readers come to your site to get to know you better. Although most readers will only visit your website once for a few minutes, they will know if you never update your website.
  7. Yay!!! It took me years to work up to 40K. That's some amazing dedication you have.
  8. Spindrift Gifts is now out!  Yay!

  9. So excited! Looks like my first F/F science fiction story will be published soon!
  10. So I've just finished up the blog tour for my new book, The Klockwerk Kraken. Whew!

  11. {dancing around} Looks like the publisher liked my tentacle book! LOL!

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