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  1. Hi Sassy, If you have already published your book on Amazon using an Erotica category, unfortunately you will not be able to change it without great, extensive, frustrating effort on your part. If you did not utilize Erotica categories, NEVER PUT YOUR BOOK WILLINGLY INTO EROTICA ON AMAZON. NEVER. Also, never check any box regarding Age and Grade Range. Simply ignore and go on. Amazon does not comprehend that there is a literary genre out there called "erotica". Amazon treats all items in its "Erotica" category as pornography. Once you get thrust into the Erotica Dungeon you will
  2. Hi Charity, see my explanation above as to why Jennifer Kacey's book is ranked so low. She wants it that way.
  3. On one hand, it's more about promotion and name recognition. Day has a mega-serious-promo-machine behind her. Anne Rice is, simply put, Anne Rice and has huge cross-genre appeal. Jennifer Kacey is well-known, but not at the level of Day and Rice. Rankings have nothing to do with how well written or well plotted a story is. If that's all it took, we'd all be millionaires, right?! And I doubt the rankings have anything to do with the setting, either. Day and Rice and a handful of other authors are just in a league of their own for so many reasons and one really can't compare other authors to the
  4. Aidee you reminded me that I have a BDSM erotica short published by Cleis Press with no sex, only a kiss at the end!
  5. I'm currently reading Bared to You and there is tons of sex! In fact, the whole book so far (I have ~80 pages left) is: set up followed by an exhausting amount of sex + misunderstanding + more sex then another misunderstanding. However, I'm not sure how you are defining "sex scene". I'm defining it as a scene with any sort of sexual interaction, not just penetration (although there's tons of penetrative sex in that book!). My books have tons of sex and my story arcs intermingle what I define as erotica (a sexual journey of a protagonist) with a romance (HEA). This is what I've defined as "erot
  6. Clean and slick are great descriptors! And easier to navigate. I love the new website, too!
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