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  1. Hi everyone, I've never done a status report so here we go. Hubby is taking me on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Cancun before we get into tax season where he hopes I'll buckle down and get my work done at the office. We work together and it just works for us. Not all couples can work together and have fun, but we do.

    I'm getting ready for 2016, have a few books in the works that will be added to my current series to keep readers happy. I'm sure I could write better if I were tied to my chair but....mmmm....that does get my muse going! Yes, I write bondage into my stories but it never includes brutality. That doesn't belong in my books. I do love dom/sub stories where consent and respect go hand in hand. I write erotic romance and won't apologize for that. I also write under two pen names and my readers have no idea. This allows me to be the bad girl that I am and still write other 'vanilla' romance that doesn't shock my readers under that pen name. Tonya, on the other hand, loves shocking readers.

    Funny how they think we actually do all we write about. That brings me to Stephen King who I'm sure has never hurt a family pet nor killed anyone, yet they love his writing. I just smile and let the readers fantasize about whatever they think I might do in my personal life to get my juices flowing to write, no pun intended! But being the boss's pet for real doesn't hurt! *wink*

    Thanks for stopping in!



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