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  1. Want a ‪#‎FREE‬ critique of your first chapter? My good friend and critique partner Nichole Severn has a great opportunity for all on her blog today: Write a Gripping First Chapter + #FREE Critique Offer today on the blog! http://blog.nicholesevern.com/ Why not give it a shot? Nichole used to be an editor at a few publishing houses, and she's very honest with her feedback.
  2. It's definitely a smashing new look. The designer did a great job!
  3. By us of course, but you should check out this fantastic interview here. Be sure to show her some love and leave us some comments. If you're interested in sharing the wealth of information you've learned, and want to get in front of a new crowd, be sure to email me at communications@passionateink.org. We'd love to have you featured on the blog.
  4. Busy, busy, busy. Editing, revisions, writing, and newsletters. Someone pass me some liquid encouragement. ;-)

  5. Wish I had the energy to work tonight, but this cold is kicking my butt. :(

  6. Still trying to figure out how to post... Argh!

  7. I'm ecstatic to be back ladies! I hope everyone is having a lovely evening.

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