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  1. I like your option for taking them off sale and repackaging with the sub titles visible in the description. Ie, you could title it "The Love in Action Series: Books 1 and 2." Then, in the description, mention "Unlawful Desires" and "Unlawful Seduction" as Books 1 and 2. And then follow Regina's advice above re: categorizing carefully. People will read between the lines (as there are a lot of readers actually trying to find romantic erotica but Amazon, by making everything "porn" makes it hard). Example: I can try to find high quality erotic romance but I'll end up seeing creepy sick stuff abou
  2. Here's what I advise -- Amazon is notorious with this and effectively if you mark your work as Erotica it will become VERY hard to find and limit discovery. If your work is first a legal thriller and second an erotic romance, classify it by the former. If your cover is extremely sensual, I'd recommend submitting it with an alternate cover to avoid having it categorized in this way. Sexy is ok; Sexual is not. You can mark it as Legal Romance or Thriller Romance -- but the minute you put Erotic on it you encounter trouble. There ARE other publishers out there and you can work outside of Amazon,
  3. Wooohoo aww that's so awesome again, to hear, you must share the dets in our newsletter when they come out!!
  4. Welcome, Jyll! Be sure to checkout the Facebook Group, too, as that's where a lot of folks seem to chat day to day now. :)
  5. Hi! This is a fuzzy one ... BDSM is a "lifestyle" and a very large category. Just found this very useful high-level view of the concept. There are also ... tropes and expectations from readers depending on the publisher, and the subgenre you choose to publish in. Spanking is often the vanilla way people ease into BDSM (whether reading about it, writing it, or practicing it), and it's the "Discipline" concept covered in that link above. But, there are many ways to discipline, and spanking is just one of them. It is one of the most common ones depicted in an erotic romance featuring BD
  6. We’ve secured Margaret Riley and Crystal Esau at Changeling Press to review pitches from Passionate Ink members for the month of April! For full details, read on below ... ------------------------------ April 9 - 13: Margaret Riley Margaret Riley, Owning Publisher and Editor is seeking erotic romance Novellas and Shorts / Flash in the Contemporary, Futuristic/Sci-fi, Paranormal/Fantasy, BDSM / Ds, LGBT, Menage / Poly subgenres. April 23 - 27: Crystal Esau Crystal Esau, Editor will be joining us later in the month and is particularly interested in erotic romanc
  7. Yay! So excited you're working on this -- moar moar moar! Inline answers ... 1) Do we provide our real name or our nom de plume? The name you use here in PI for your profile so we can identify you; this info is not given to the editor/pub/agent. You can provide the legal stuff when they ask to see more / you get to contract time. 2) I see that the email request is for administrative purposes. Do we provide the one that you have on file so that you can match it to the member or can we use an alternate email? Admin as in, the email alias we use is public and listed on our w
  8. Mar 23 - Lori Perkins, Riverdale Avenue Books Lori Perkins, owner at Riverdale Avenue Books, will be joining us and is seeking these genres: Historical, Futuristic/Sci-fi, Paranormal/Fantasy, BDSM / Ds, LGBT, Menage / Poly About Lori Lori Perkins has worked in the publishing industry for more than 25 years as a journalist, editor, author, and literary agent. Originally a journalist who owned a newspaper in Manhattan, Perkins has been a literary agent for two decades, with 8 titles on the NewYork Times best seller list. She was awarded the Outstanding Achievement as
  9. Ok I'm back -- sorry about that, got caught up with being at Nationals! So, I haven't had a ton of time to read lately and what I've been reading has been action/thrillers (*blush*) -- but, Beauty was one of my first sets of Erotica and blew my mind. I was in Beauty's shoes and responding in all kinds of ways to the scenes and I felt as if I were in a romance. I think the main romance that flipped my switch and made me decide to write erotica and romance was actually these set of books, and specifically The Captain character. The BDSM elements were there and not explicit in the way it can be
  10. Heya, actually we have one more RIGHT NOW that ends at the end of today-- so if you have something, send it my way please, we've had no submissions from authors on this one (probably due to the July 4th holiday).
  11. Sometimes for me the sexiest sex has no sex! HA! Aidee, spot on for me: I think good erotic romance can have BDSM but not all BDSM books are erotic. Likewise, I think erotic romance can have "vanilla" sex and be full of eroticism. I don't (generally) like to traditional / modern (popular) BDSM*, it doesn't move me and that's not the definition of "erotic" for me! * I say this loosely. It depends on the BDSM toys used, the setting, the characters ... many many things that determine eroticism, and have nothing to do with the BDSM lifestyle per se. It's like, if two likeable hot characters i
  12. Hey there, I think it depends on where/how you've published it. If you're not comfortable talking about that here, feel free to email me at miranoire.erotica@gmail.com to chat about it. If you've got it up through major distributors (Kindle, etc.) that basically means the work is published and generally accessible to the public; editors/agents only want to see previously unpublished works unless you are an established author with a title that has strong numbers enough to warrant them publishing it under their house.
  13. Get those pitches polished and present them! Here are the pitching opportunities for 2018. Check back often for new additions as we hear from agents and editors. We will DEFINITELY share more info about each agent/editor in the month prior as we promote each event, but definitely feel free to reach out to pitch@passionateink.org with any questios! REMINDER: Please follow our pitching guidelines as shown here. And, if you receive a contract offer, or choose to sign one, do let us know, and we'll anonymously share your results here! CALENDAR
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