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  5. There is a new PI Member Calendar for events that aren't chapter related but could be of member interest such as: webinars, FB takeovers, contests to enter. Anything that has an expiration date can be posted here to share with other members. Be sure to add tags to your posts. Just click Calendar at the top to see this internal calendar.
  6. There is a new update regarding the Sexy Scribbles and the Passionate Plume contests. Passionate Ink is merging the contests into one! While we have always enjoyed both contests for different reasons, having one contest per year is more worthwhile for the members who run it as well as for the members who enter. You know your board has been hard at work devising new roles and streamlining old roles, and the commitment to run two contests per year, is a big challenge. The Passionate Plume will be THE contest each year beginning 2021. We have included a new category, Most Anticipated Erotic
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