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  2. I read 'In Flight' and the 'hero' used nipple clamps quite a lot in that story. I think that book was written right after 50 Shades.
  3. I'm excited to get to know you all!

  4. We used them in Blood Rising, because the vampire, Matt Brenner, was responding to his nearly virginal mortal lover who was fascinated by handcuffs and 'toys'. We interjected a bit of humor with them in Blood Dragon, but not a real scene. But, now that you have mentioned it... I have not seen nipple clamps used in the books I've read recently. Viva La Nipple Clamps
  5. I’d ask your publisher why it’s listed where it is and let them know you’re concerned about reader expectations. Personally, I would not have dropped this into BDSM, because my experience has been that readers shopping for BDSM are expecting a lot more than one spanking scene. I would, however have added a caution to the blurb for those who might be offended -- or conversely buy because of the warning :-D Publisher's Note: Spanking scene(s). Margaret Riley Publisher ChangelingPress.com Changelingpress.blogspot.com Changelingpress.wordpress.com facebook.com/pages/Changeling-Press-LLC/77772493971
  6. I am the cyber-active half or Amber Anthony, Rusty.  I answer to Rusty or Amber...

  7. It's great to be among other folks who enjoy the steamy words of Romance.

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