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  2. Entries will be accepted starting February 14, 2023 through March 31, 2023. Click here for more information. We need judges too!
  3. Hi, Did you know that the Passionate Ink Newsletter has over 600 subscribers? It also is linked to via social media giving it a reach beyond just the membership. Did you also know you can announce your book release, milestone, or other achievements and news, like writing your 5th or your 10th or 20th book, or signing an agent, etc.? We want to help you celebrate! Please contact news@passionateink.org to submit your content. --ARC/CW
  4. Hi, Sassy, My name is Ryan T. Osborn. I publish LGBT romantic suspense and LGBT Romantic Comedy and Contemporary under two different names. my legal name/brand writes rom suspense/thriller, my pen name David Camily writes Rom Com and Contemporary. Each is a separate brand and separate persona. I hope this helps.
  5. Great idea! Do you put the Author Note in the Amazon description? Any place else? Why’d you decide to do the new covers and content? Any complaints from readers who may have unknowingly bought the first version?
  6. I do not write mystery or thrillers. I've renamed and recovered books with the same content and for like a year, I keep the Author note: this book was previously titled ______ so my current readers don't think it's a new book. And you of course could let your newsletter subscribers know what you're doing and sek input from them as well. I think you would be fine.
  7. I’m seeking advice regarding the following. I have a pretty strong following with my legal thrillers (12 books) but I’ve longed to write romance. I wrote two erotica books under a pen name, which didn’t sell well (partly because I didn’t know how or where to promote them). I now want to soften the sex scenes and republish those books as romantic suspense under my legal thriller author name. Both books involve lawyers and legal drama and sold no more than a couple hundred copies. The stories are compelling and I’m confident my legal thriller readership would purchase. I plan to clearly label the cover as romantic suspense, so as not to confuse folks. I also plan to keep the titles the same but change the cover image. Does anyone out there write mystery and romance under the same name? Any thoughts or advice? Has anyone republished the same book?
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