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“Character Development: The Art and the Arc” Workshop with Eden Bradley – Sep 17th at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT

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In this one hour workshop, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Eden Bradley will walk you through the art of creating 3-dimensional characters with relatability and depth, and show you how to build satisfying character arcs as your story progresses. She’ll address the important “whys” to ask yourself, how you can structure your… see more

“Love Your Books” Workshop with Renee Rose – August 9th at 9 PM ET

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“Love Your Books:  Using your innate superpower to attract abundance in your career” with Renee Rose Love is a superpower. It’s an energy that will help you create and launch your books, maintain an abundance mindset, and utilize the Law of Attraction for your career success. In this workshop, we’ll talk about: -Staying in the… see more

“How to Write a Killer Book Using Demystifying the Beats” Workshop with Jordyn Kross – July 20th at 8:30 PM ET

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Cozy, hard-boiled, or historical… Is writing your mystery novel a complete mystery? Crafting a convincing mystery requires unique story beats—the keys to delivering a satisfying read. This sassy chat (in book form) presented by award-winning authors reveals the secrets to help you execute a story that works. You won’t be handcuffed to a formula. It’s… see more

Productivity Myths Workshop with Becca Syme – June 17th at 4 PM CT

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When we struggle with productivity, we often find ourselves asking why any one particular method won’t work for us. Or why we aren’t more productive. Or why other people are more productive than us. Passionate Ink’s workshop “Seven Productivity Myths and Why You Should Stop Believing Them” with Becca Syme scheduled for June 17th at… see more

Crafting a Series that Captivates Workshop with Pepper North – May 7th at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT

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Join the conversation as Pepper North shares her secrets to crafting series that create devoted, hungry readers.  With over 100 books, Pepper’s fans lobby for additional books in her many different worlds and genres.  Test drive her techniques to hook readers and keep them waiting on the edge of their seats. Ever just gone for… see more

Copyright Basics for Authors with W.D. Drames – April 12th at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT

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Copyright protects authors’ rights to their original works but can be a complicated minefield. In this workshop you will learn what every author needs to know about their rights under the United States’ Copyright Act and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works as well as copyright legal formalities, filing procedures,… see more

“How to Write Better Sex” with Eden Bradley

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Join us on Saturday, February 18th at 5 PM ET to learn how to level-up your sex scenes for maximum impact from New York Times & USA Today bestselling erotic romance author and sex educator Eden Bradley. Sex scenes should do as much to advance your story as any other scene, but it’s something many… see more

Books2Read Workshop with Raisa Greywood January 28th @ 4 PM ET

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Books2Read is a free service from Draft2Digital that provides readers with a universal link to find your books on any platform. The service also offers tools to help your readers track their favorite indie authors, like you. Join USA Today bestselling author Raisa Greywood as she elucidates the marvelous attributes of this ingenious service on… see more

BookBub Workshop

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BookBub Workshop – August 27th at 3 PM CT – For Passionate Ink Members Only Curious about Book Bub? This class will teach you about how to use your Book Bub author profile to gain followers and to follow other authors. Book Bub is a great marketing tool. We will also explore Feature Deals, Ads,… see more