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2023 Passionate Ink Anthology

Submissions for the 2023 Passionate Ink Anthology are now closed. Our thanks go out to all the participating authors. The announcement for the 2024 announcement is coming soon, so get those stories ready for next year!

We’re excited to offer the opportunity for published and unpublished authors to work together to benefit ProLiteracy. Please read the following information carefully. All participating authors will receive a contract with the details defined prior to publication.


Summer holidays and celebrations: 4th of July, Memorial Day, Summer Solstice, etc. including non-US celebrations. Your story need not relate to a holiday as long as you feature a summer theme. For example, beach, pool, heat wave, summer brown-out/rolling blackout etc.

We welcome love in all its forms! Give us ALL the stories with diverse characters and relationships!

Requirements of Participation

  1. 10,000-word max for submissions. Must have a minimum of five (5) entries to proceed. All submitting authors must be current members of Passionate Ink.
  2. The submission must not have been previously published and must not be published elsewhere for 120 days from the date of publication of the anthology. The only exception to this rule will be for the Plume winner’s Virgin entry, which will be treated as a sneak peek and not subject to this restriction should they choose to include their winning entry.
  3. Submission must include an erotic/steamy storyline with the designated theme.
  4. Stories must be submitted in a ready-to-critique state with an author bio, story tagline, and a story blurb. It need not be professionally edited as that service will be provided by Passionate Ink after paired critique.
  5. Author must participate in paired editing/critiques. Authors will be provided guidelines, but will be checking for continuity, typos, etc.
  6. Author must meet all deadlines as defined on the website or in communications from the Anthology Committee.
  7. All works must be submitted to a professional editor for final proof. All proofread edits will be accepted by the PI Anthology coordinator(s) unless clarification from the author is required. The final proofed copy will be provided to the authors.
  8. Author must promote the work during the release and at least monthly thereafter during the period of publication, and will be given the opportunity to participate in formal release parties and takeovers in selected Facebook groups.
  9. All proceeds will be given to the ProLiteracy charity.
  10. Writers retain their copyright.
  11. Passionate Ink will provide the copy editing, proofreading, book cover, and formatting, as well as periodic graphics for the ongoing promotion efforts.
  12. Passionate Ink does not discourage the use of any trope—however, keep in mind that entries will be disqualified for portraying illegal acts including (but not limited to): incest, violence with the intent to titillate, and acts involving minors or other individuals unable to give legal consent. The decision to include any work will be the final decision of the Passionate Ink Anthology Committee.
  13. Any entry which is found to be a plagiarism of another author’s work will not be included. No exceptions. The decision of the Passionate Ink Anthology Committee is final.

Formatting and Style

NOTE:  These instructions need only be used for the manuscript submitted for paired editing and to the professional editor. Authors may use their preferred formatting while writing. Passionate Ink charity anthologies are meant to give emerging authors a taste of what they can expect when they submit their work to agents, editors, and publishers, many of whom have formatting requirements. We have chosen a formatting convention that is common for this purpose. If you have any questions, please contact the Anthology Committee at

Anthology Calendar

We’ll see you in 2024!