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Thank you!

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Passionate Inkers,

As the outgoing President of Passionate Ink I would love to express my gratitude for allowing me the opportunity to be your President for the past two years. There were a lot of things we changed, one of our biggest was breaking away from Romance Writers of America. Change is always scary, but we knew we could and would be a better organization without them.

And look at us, we are.

We have implemented a lot of new things in the past two years that I have been so grateful to be a part of: Passionate Plume has risen from the ashes like the Phoenix she is, every month now there are workshops to help authors learn, learn, learn. Every month! The Writing Salon happens now and if you are like me and have a hard time reading or finishing the book you buy (because you know, if you have it, you’ll read it some day!), the Salon is fantastic way to hold you accountable for reading said books.

The incoming board deserves a round of applause. I have been blessed to get to know most of them and work with them as a team. Their commitment to the organization is insurmountable. I would have loved to work with the two newest members coming on board and I cannot wait to see all of the new ideas and ways they will serve the membership. I leave Passionate Ink’s Presidency in tremendously capable, amazing hands and I know you guys will enjoy your new President. There are not enough things I could say about Jordyn to show you how amazing, gracious and helpful she has been to me during my term.

Our new board for 2023:

President: Jordyn Kross

Vice President: Raisa Greywood

VP Marketing: AR Case

Secretary: Marie Tuhart

Treasurer: Maggie Sims

Membership Engagement: Ryan T. Osborn

Workshops Director: Michael Edwards

Webmistress: Mira Noire

Design Lead: Leslie Noyes

Congratulations to our new board and again, thank you for giving me this opportunity of growth, friendships, and networking.

To 2023!

Ashley Bostock 


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