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Irresistible Blurbs with Siri Caldwell

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Why is it a struggle to describe your novel in just a few words? Let alone make it sound exciting?

You know how to write. You wrote an entire book. So 150 words should be easy, right?

 Wrong. Because they’re different skills.

The book description—the blurb—is not a novel. It’s an ad. It needs to hook the reader and convince them they want to read more—now—and buy your book.

Like any skill, it can be learned. You CAN get better at it.

I’ve analyzed hundreds of romance novel blurbs, and I’ve developed a framework for how to write a good one. It breaks the job down into parts to help pin down the story and sell your book effectively in just a few words.

 Your novel deserves a great blurb. I can’t wait to help you write one.


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