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Pitch to Extasy Books May 11, 2018!

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Pitch to Extasy Books May 11, 2018!

Toni Kelley, Acquisitions Editor, at Extasy Books is joining us to review pitches exclusively from Passionate Ink Members this May!

For full details, and to participate, visit our member forums! We’ve shared high-level info in our post below. If you’re not a member yet, click here to join and get in on the great benefits of a Passionate Ink Membership!

Pitch Dates: May 7 – 10, 2018

Toni Kelley, Acquisitions Editor at Extasy Books is seeking well developed romantic plots where sex scenes are incidental to the plot, not the main focus. Minimum word count accepted is 15,000.

From Extasy Books

We strive to provide a strong, supportive and creative environment for our authors while presenting readers with uniquely innovative entertainment. Our editors are well versed in the industry offering strength with encouragement, compassion and diligence.

We are looking for well developed, romantic plots that envelop the reader in the world you have created and makes them care about what happens to your main characters. Sex scenes are incidental to the plot—not the main focus—in the stories we are interested in acquiring.
There must be romance unless you are submitting an erotica story and even then, while romance may not  feature, we do still need your book to meet the above criteria in relation to storyline.
If you feel that your book fulfills these requirements and does not feature any of our ‘do not accept’ list below, then please submit your pitch!
For short and simple, here is what we will NOT accept:
  • We do NOT accept manuscripts (MS) with obvious grammar and editing issues.  Manuscripts should be critiqued and polished prior to submitting.
  • We do NOT accept currently published books; anywhere on the web is considered published. This includes with another publisher and/or self-published. Your book cannot be available anywhere on the web.
  • We do NOT accept simultaneous submissions; this means sent to more than just us.
  • We do NOT accept porn; this is sex for the sake of sex or a series of sex scenes; we want a complete story.
  • We do NOT accept underage sex (sex with/around minors; minors are under 18). Please note, students in high school are most likely underage and therefore cannot have sex on the page in a book.
  • We do NOT accept incest in any form; this includes step-siblings—especially those who keep calling each other brother/sister/cousin/etc.
  • We do NOT accept molestation/cruelty/abuse of children, animals or unwilling participants.
  • We do NOT accept rape; even if the participant starts to enjoy it after a few strokes, any resistance can be and often is considered rape.
  • We do NOT accept BDSM that results in actual physical damage.
  • We do NOT accept bestiality: shifters are not animals but are intelligent beings.
  • We do NOT accept necrophilia: vampires are not dead bodies but are living thinking beings.
  • We do NOT accept strangulation/suffocation as part of the sex act (includes self-inflicted or otherwise).
  • We do NOT accept golden showers/any act containing the use of feces.
  • We do NOT accept rape or incest fantasies because we do not accept rape or incest; see above.

Learn more about this publisher on the website’s submissions page.


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