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Don’t forget – Passionate Plume scores are due soon!

Posted on May 22, 2016 by Passionate Ink Vice President   No Comments Yet | Posted in Passionate Plume

Image copyright Antonioguillem - Adobe Stock

Image copyright Antonioguillem – Adobe Stock

Most Passionate Plume preliminary round judging packets went out via email during the last week of April. Scores have been coming in steadily—thank you, judges!—but we do want to ensure that all books are accounted for. Scores are due back on 5/31, but we understand that sometimes, monkey wrenches get thrown into the works.

If you signed up early to be a judge and didn’t get a panel of books

from plume [at] passionateink [dot] org, please check your spam folder OR email us to check in. There may be a chance your email service marked the message as junk due to the attachments (or, less likely, you might have opted into a category that had an overabundance of judges).

If you need more time to read,

please email the coordinator at the address above (remove brackets and spaces).

Thank you!


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