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Are you ready for the NYC PI Party @ Nationals?

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Courtesy Bourbon & Lace Pinup & Cabaret
Courtesy Bourbon & Lace Pinup & Cabaret

Courtesy Bourbon & Lace Pinup & Cabaret

Are YOU going to the Passionate Ink Party at RWA Nationals this year in NYC?

My horoscope for this month from Susan Miller says “chances are, you may be getting ready to attend an event that was, or will be, populated by many friendly, successful people. Your ruler, Neptune, will be active … so the people you meet will be creative types who are doing new and interesting projects that you’ll want to hear all about. The atmosphere will spotlight art or be dreamlike in its beauty.” If that isn’t a win, I don’t know what is!

Hmm, let’s see what we have:

  • Sexy burlesque by Bourbon & Lace Pinup & Cabaret with a lesson included!
  • Agents/editors/publishers from the erotic and romance writing genres
  • A fun speakeasy vibe with fabulous outfits 
  • Well-dressed and hunky men for eye candy
  • Great music
  • Wonderful company
  • Delicious drinks
  • Sexy giveaways


Get your tickets and find out more!

What: The Passionate Ink Annual Chapter Party
Theme: Swanky Burlesque Speakeasy
Where: New York Marriott Marquis / 
Marquis A, B, C (9th Floor)
When: Friday July 24th / 7 pm – 9:30 pm


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