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Interview With the Sensational Marla Monroe – An Erotica Siren and Fellow PI Member @PassionateInk

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What’s your next upcoming book (blurb, title, buy links, cover)

Abby’s Two Warriors Book 2 of Wounded Warriors is out Friday May 8th

Here is the link to my Bookstrand Author Page   I won’t have a direct buy link or over until closer to the date. If I get a cover prior to the next newsletter I’ll send it.

What is your next project

I’m working on Book 4 of The Ghost Riders, one of my biker series books

Are you a pantser or plotter?   

I’m a serious pantser who will stop and make a character sheet once I’ve described them in the book.

How do you set the mood for writing?

With my hectic life right now, I grab writing time when I can. I prefer to be in a quiet room with very little background noise other than nature outside the window. I don’t listen to music that often, but when I do, I prefer either rock like ACDC, Aerosmith or something like that. There has to be Diet Coke near at hand. Oh, and I have to be as cool as possible, so I rarely wear much other than a sleep shirt and panties. ?

What are your favorite tools and habits for successful writing / getting through a project

Roget’s Thesaurus online, Google for research, I do my best writing when I am alone or secluded with no one around. If what I’m writing has a particular subject or background, I will sometimes watch a few episodes of a DVD that is similar like Son’s of Anarchy for my biker books.

How do you overcome procrastination

I don’t really have that problem at all. If I’m overly tired from work or something at home, I will go to bed and rest then get up and write. Writing for me, is what keeps me going in life. It’s my cathartic method of overcoming depression and anxiety. I loose myself and relax.

What’s your Achilles’ heel as a writer

That’s easy, marketing on social media. I don’t have time, but I have to do it to keep my name alive and my books in front of readers. Oh, and I suck at punctuation and spelling. However. I look up all my words that I have trouble with.

What’s your strength as a writer

The fact that I don’t get writer’s block and I’m able to write anywhere though I prefer being alone. I might have to re-write scene or chapter a few times to get it right, but all the voices and ideas in my head keep me busy. Those that won’t shut up when I’m on deadline I stop and put down in my files for later. That usually calms them down. LOL

What genre would you secretly like to write for, if you haven’t already?

I’d love to write a real thriller suspense. I do have some romantic suspense with paranormal elements, but those don’t really sell well for me.

Have you dabbled in self-publishing online, and if so, what are some pros/cons and advice you’d give regarding navigating this?

Yes, I have. I have three of my books that were with one publisher that I re-published myself. Getting the new covers was time consuming and costs money. I also have one that I pubbed myself that had never been with a publisher. Same thing. It takes a lot of time, patience, and some money to put these out and they look professional.

For me, in my present situation, it’s not worth doing again.

What advice would you give to a new author just starting out and looking up to authors like you? 

Look into the work and careers of other authors, too, like Delilah Devlin, Delores Fossen, or Elle James. First and foremost, write. Write until you finish a book then edit. Make writing a habit that you feel sick when you miss a day writing. Make it so that you need to write and can write in any circumstances because life will intrude and possibly get in the way.

You can connect with Marla at the following places on the web:

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