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RFP: Craft Workshops for July and August 2015 @PassionateInk

Posted on Feb 16, 2015 by passionateinkcomm   No Comments Yet | Posted in Passionate Ink · Workshops

Passionate Ink (RWA Special Interest Chapter 207) is seeking proposals for craft workshops geared toward erotic romance, preferably with availability in July and August 2015 (no overlap with RWA 15 7/22-26). While we will consider all options, we would like to see proposals for:

–                  Tropes

–                  Character and story arcs for short stories versus novellas versus novels

–                  High concept

Feel free to adapt existing workshops to provide value to authors in our subgenre. Please review our FAQs ( to better understand category definitions within erotic romance.

To submit, please provide:

–                  Workshop title and detailed description

–                  Presenter name and credentials

–                  Number of lessons and length (days or weeks)

–                  Available dates (we typically start on Thursdays)

–                  Email proposal in body of email to with subject CRAFT RFP – [Workshop Name]


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