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Passionate Ink presents “Naughty Night Before Christmas” Part III

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Naughty Night Before Christmas

written by members of Passionate Ink RWA


She let herself enjoy the sensations he roused in her, just a little bit longer before taking this to the next level. Aurora turned her head to the pillows when he pressed into her heat and curled his fingers, pressing deliciously against her sweet spot. She gasped and arched off the bed. It was time to switch things up.

Aurora reached down and grasped his wrist tucked between her trembling thighs, staying his hand. He raised his head and caught her gaze.

“Something wrong?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

His eyebrows drew together and he let her remove his hand.

Before he could question her she scooted out from under him and straddled his lap then pushed his shoulders to the bed. She leaned over him, loving the hard press of his erection next to her mound. She ground her hips on him and he groaned. “It’s nothing to worry about big boy. I just like to be on top.”

“Is that right?”  He smiled and her belly turned to liquid fire. “You like to hold the reins I see.”

She nodded and leaned closer to capture his lips. “Mmn hmm. I love to go riding.” She shifted her hips rubbing her slick folds against the rough fabric stretched over his cock.

Nick growled low in his throat and pulled her down to capture her lips.

Aurora let out a squeak of surprise then all thought fled her mind when he thrust his tongue inside her mouth as though he couldn’t get enough of the taste of her. She slipped her hands down along his sides and pulled his T-shirt up needing to feel the silky velvet of his skin under her hands.

Sensing her desire Nick pushed up to allow Aurora to pull it over his head only breaking contact with her mouth when she had to slip the shirt over his face.

Aurora stared down at him mesmerized by the way his eyes glittered as though there were a snow storm within their depths as he made quick work of the tiny hook and eye closures at the front of her corset top. She shivered as the cool air of the room whispered lightly over her nipples when he parted the halves. A moment later he cupped her bare breasts pinching the nipples to stiff aching peaks and she didn’t even notice the coolness of the room.

“So beautiful,” he whispered coming up on his elbows to suckle her.

“Oh my…” she cried. The pull of his mouth on her sent a new flood of fire racing through her blood. “Nick…” She wrapped her arms tight around his neck and her legs circled his waist. She rocked against him the pressure building inside her.

Nick started to twist so she would by lying on the bed.

No. She wanted to be in control. She needed to be in control. At least in this one act in her life lately she could control what would happen.

Releasing her ankles from behind his back, Aurora pushed him back until his full length stretched beneath her. Completely hers for the taking. “No. I’m the one in control here.” She slid down the length of his body making sure to keep as much contact between them as possible.

“Aurora, you’re killing me!” His voice was a harsh whisper in the eerie quiet that always seemed to permeate this room.

She glanced up his body a mischievous smile curving her lips just before she slid the button of his snug jeans open. A heady sensation washed over her when she realized they most definitely hadn’t been that tight when she’d first seen him standing in the doorway. Catching his eyes she caught the tab of the zipper covering his straining cock in her teeth and began to pull it down.

He groaned and tried to reach for her.

She twisted out of his reach and finished with her task. Well not quite she thought. She still needed to get the damn jeans off him. She leaned down and ran the tip of her tongue along the length of the part she wanted to possess the most.

Nick arched his hips to arch off the bed at the contact.

Aurora took advantage of the situation and tugged them down until they lay around his thighs. The need to taste him more fully crashed over her.  She didn’t wait to see what he would do. Leaning forward on her knees she took his shaft in her hand and stroked the silky heated flesh.

“You truly are a naughty little elf…”

Whatever else he was going to say was lost on the moan of pleasure that escaped him when she sucked him into her mouth. Goodness he tasted good. Aurora was so absorbed in reveling in pleasurable sounds he was emitting that she didn’t sense when she’d pushed him to his limits.

Suddenly she found herself lying on her back being pressed into the thick softness of the mattress the rich blue color of the comforter caressing the sensitive skin of her bare back. “Ahh…Nick…” was all she could manage to say before he stripped the rest of their clothes off and proceeded to kiss his way down her body to the place that throbbed for his touch. Oh, God, yes!

He plied her with his wicked tongue and teeth until she thought she’d died and gone to heaven. When he finally pressed his naked body against her she was delirious from the pleasure he’d already given her. She didn’t think he’d be able to rouse her passion so soon.

How wrong she was.

Nick shifted until his hips were cradled between her legs.

Aurora’s eyes widened in surprise when he began to press his hard length into her heat. Not really surprise as much as awe that he was able to cause another flood of torrential fire to course through her so quickly after her last orgasm. None of her ex’s had ever been able to rouse so many sensations and feelings within her. What was it about Nick? She’d been drawn to him since the first moment they’d been introduced.

Trying to figure out the answer to that question fled her mind when he began to move inside her. Igniting that deep burning desire within her soul. Finding a renewed strength Aurora hooked her ankles around his back and arched into his thrusts her ardor rising with each cry of joy that filled the room.

Feeling the muscles within her begin to clench she tightened her legs around Nick’s waist. Wanting to have him buried deep inside when her climax crashed over her this time. The inner walls of her core gripped his cock tight.

Nick went ridged over her growling as he spent himself inside her then he collapsed beside her clutching her against his side like he didn’t want to let her go. He tilted her head up and met her eyes for a moment then he leaned in and gifted her with a lingering kiss. One that spoke of so many things.

Things her passion delirious mind couldn’t even begin to fathom. The last thing she remembered before sleep claimed her was Nick rising from the bed whispering something about being late to help with the deliveries. Then his lips grazing her temple as he pulled the covers over her.

When Aurora awoke she spied a small box wrapped in paper that sparkled with every color of the rainbow. Tucked beneath it was a note. Curiosity overrode the desire to burrow deeper into the sheets that smelled so much like Nick she found herself never wanting to leave the bed and she reached out and took the box. With suddenly trembling fingers she tore open the wrapping. She’d never been able to open a present neatly in her life.

She removed the lid to reveal a necklace in the shape of a delicate snowflake. Confused she unfolded the single sheet and gasped in shock. Scrawled across the paper in bold lines was the last thing she ever expected…


Would you do me the honor of becoming my naughty elf for life? We would only have to live at the North Pole as it gets closer to time for Dad to retire. I’ll be back at dawn once I’ve finished helping with the deliveries.

Yours always,


Suddenly every oddity about Nick dropped into place. Finally forming a complete picture that had remained just out of her reach as she’d lost her heart to him over the last few weeks…

Nicolas Santos was Santa Claus’s son.



Thank you for joining us and reading our naughty little take on The Night Before Christmas. I think all the other authors who participated will agree that we all had fun working on it. Please remember to leave a comment. We all have some wonderful gifts to give away to you. Our way of wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Cassandra Carr – a copy of her BDSM holiday novella, Caught ;

Kellie Jamieson- a copy of her Christmas novella, All I Want For Christmas;

Robin L. Rotham- a copy of any title from her backlist, eBook or Print(if available);

Anne Kane- a PDF copy of any eBook on her backlist;

Serena Shay- a copy of any eBook from her backlist;

Cristal Ryder- a copy of any book from her backlist;

Gem Sivad- a copy of Perfect Strangers;

Frances R- unpublished as yet

Shay MacLean- a copy of Shooting Stars and a copy of Branded Hearts;



5 Responses to "Passionate Ink presents “Naughty Night Before Christmas” Part III"

Comment by Stephanie Haefner
December 23, 2011 2:14 pm

Awwww! Didn’t see that ending coming!! Love it!

Comment by Cristal Ryder
December 23, 2011 2:17 pm

Absolutely fabulous ending! What a great way to kick off the Holiday Season. A very special thank you to the above Passionate Ink authors/members for contributing to the heat at this very busy time of year.

Remember to comment for a chance to win the above mentioned prizes.

Thanks to Shay MacLean for coming up with the Naughty Night Before Christmas idea and doing all the behind the scenes *stuff*.

Merry Christmas!
Cristal Ryder
President Passionate Ink

Comment by Anne Francis
December 23, 2011 9:49 pm

What a fun story! Thanks for the steamy holiday cheer. 🙂 -a-

Comment by Darcy
December 24, 2011 5:21 am

Oh I love this! LOL
I love that he is St Nicks son….wow!
Not a hardship for me at all as I live north of Fairbanks, and North Pole is my neighbor…literally…..LOL
Thank you for this great story…
And thanks for the blog hop…*S*


Comment by Pogonip
December 24, 2011 11:23 pm

Cute little story!


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