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Passionate Ink presents “Naughty Night Before Christmas” Part II

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Naughty Night Before Christmas

written by members of Passionate Ink RWA


“Winter Wonderland,” she murmured. “I haven’t been here since I was a kid.”

“This is the back of it,” Nick said. He turned again and parked the car. In front of them was a magical sight—a castle entirely made of lights, shimmering against the black sky. Candles made of lights appeared to flicker realistically and tiny illuminated reindeer leaped one after the other over the snow. “This way we can just park and look at it for a while.”

“It’s so beautiful,” she breathed.

“You’re beautiful.” He reached over an ran a finger across her cheek, sending deliciously naughty darts of heat shimmering across her skin. “I think I’m going to kiss you now.”

“I certainly hope so.” She closed her eyes, leaning back against the luxurious leather seat.

Nick reached over to draw her toward him, searing a kiss across her lips. His tongue teased the crease of her lips, coaxing them open to his invasion. He was an amazing kisser, and Aurora felt the heat begin to build deep inside her.

He nipped the corner of her lip before nibbling his way down to  the sensitive hollow of her neck. Aurora wrapped her arms around his neck, twisting to press herself against his warm body. Damn, it had been years since she’d tried to make out in a car! Christmas Eve was looking up.  She reached for the zipper on his jacket and slowly started to pull it down.

“Patience isn’t one of your virtues, is it.” Nick chuckled against her throat. “I didn’t plan to  seduce you out here in my car.”

“No? You mean you have keys to the Winter Wonderland?” This was getting better and better.

“Oh, yeah.” He smiled. “How do you feel about sleeping in the Snowflake Queen’s suite?”

“You mean it?” That had been her favorite room in the whole Winter Wonderland when she’d been a child. Impulsively, she lowered her head to place another kiss on his delectably warm lips.

Aurora expected to walk to the castle, but as soon as he opened her door and she stepped outside, Nick swept her in his arms. “Oh my,” she murmured as he held her tight. She could feel his heart beating under her cheek as she snuggled closer, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Are you sure I’m not too heavy?” she asked.

In spite of the cold, his jacket hung open and she buried her face beneath the leather, breathing in his scent and giggling.

“I’m accustomed to hauling a bag filled with goodies. You’re not but a tenth of that weight, my sweet. Precious gifts such as you are to be handled with care.” He growled, demonstrating his manly prowess, bouncing her in his arms, his muscles rippling beneath the black tee.

The warmth of his arms around her body sent chills all the way to her core. Rubbing her cold nose against his throat she breathed deep inhaling his rich smell.  Finding his nipple under his skin tight T-shirt next to her hand, Aurora couldn’t stop herself from teasing it with her fingers.  She could feel the rumble of laughter in his chest.

“You really are a bad little elf.” Laughing, he shifted her weight so he could open the door.

She grasped as they enter Snowflake Queen’s suite.  It is even more beautiful and enchanting than she remembers.  The room was tastefully finished in every shade of blue, silver and sparkling white she’d ever seen. A sheer canopy hung over the bed with a design of sparkling snowflakes sewn into it giving the illusion of being surrounded in a gentle snow storm.

“Are you going to let me down?” Her eyes sparkled as she began to squirm and kick her legs.

“Actually, I like feeling you squirm.” He set her down on her feet, “But I have better plans.”  Taking her coat and bag he dropped them unheeded next to the bed and pulled her close enveloping her in his arms then captured her lips plunging his tongue deep, as though taking great pleasure in tasting her.

Aurora met his kiss with an eagerness that startled her, especially when she realized the moans echoing softly in the room were her own.

Nick slid his fingers beneath the bra cups of the corset style bodice of her elf costume and pinched her nipple.

Aurora inhaled sharply at the contact and moved to touch him more fully.

“No, not yet.” Nick said his voice husky with desire.  Picking her up he claimed her lips once more and carried her the last couple of feet to the bed.

Aurora’s moans become fervent as he sat her on the edge of the massive bed and insinuated his body between her spread thighs.  His hand skimmed lightly up her legs making shivers of anticipation slither up her spine when he reached the end of her candy cane striped knee socks and brushed the bare skin of her thighs for the first time.

Nick continued to ply her with his drugging kisses as his hand disappeared beneath her short green satin skirt trimmed in fluffy white fur.

Aurora knew the direction of his questing hand and yet she still jumped when his fingers brushed that very sensitive part of her core, gently moving his hand over her smooth mound gently rubbing her clitoris.  Aurora felt the tiny body quivers of unexpected passion spiral through her as his hand and fingers explored.


Thank you for stopping by to read the second installment of our Christmas Round Robin. Be sure to check back on Friday for the conclusion and don’t forget to comment for a chance to win one of the awesome books being given away by the authors that participated. Here’s a list of the authors who participated and what prize they’re giving away.

Cassandra Carr – a copy of her BDSM holiday novella, Caught ;

Kellie Jamieson- a copy of her Christmas novella, All I Want For Christmas;

Robin L. Rotham- a copy of any title from her backlist, eBook or Print(if available);

Anne Kane- a PDF copy of any eBook on her backlist;

Serena Shay- a copy of any eBook from her backlist;

Cristal Ryder- a copy of any book from her backlist;

Gem Sivad- a copy of Perfect Strangers;

Frances R- unpublished as yet

Shay MacLean- a copy of Shooting Stars and a copy of Branded Hearts;




5 Responses to "Passionate Ink presents “Naughty Night Before Christmas” Part II"

Comment by Stephanie Haefner
December 21, 2011 7:49 am

Another great installment! Looking forward to the ending! 🙂

Comment by Patti Shenberger
December 22, 2011 8:19 am

Wow, great installment. Look forward to more!

Comment by Rebecca Rose
December 22, 2011 2:52 pm

Now that’s HOT!! 🙂

Have a Sparkling Holiday!

Comment by Savanna Kougar
December 23, 2011 12:37 am

Now that’s my kind of Winter Wonderland.

Comment by Darcy
December 27, 2011 4:55 pm

Loving it!
Thank You!



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