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Passionate Ink is Erotic Romance Special Interest Chapter #207 of Romance Writers of America

Congratulations to the Winners and Finalists of the 4th Annual Passionate Plume and Stroke of Midnight!

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** indicates Passionate Ink member

Passionate Plume


1st -Mari Carr – Erotic Research
2nd – Eileen Ann Brennan** – Marnie’s Secret
3rd – Katie Reus – Running From The Past
HM Jenna Bayley-Burke** – Her Cinderella Complex
HM Saskia Walker** – Reckless

Futuristic / Fantasy / SciFi

1st – Denise Rossetti** – Strongman
2nd – Mari Freeman** – Birthright
3rd – Mechele Armstrong** – Settler’s Mine 3: The Woman
HM Dee Brice** – His Virtual Assassin
HM Mima – In Service


1st – Kate Pearce** – Simply Sinful
2nd – Alice Gaines** – Sans Regret
3rd – Emma Wildes – A Devil’s Bargain
HM Elizabeth Amber** – Lyon, The Lords of Satyr
HM Samantha Kane** – Retreat From Love (Brothers In Arms)


1st – Natasha Moore** – Sunrise in Jewel of the Nile II
2nd – Anna Leigh Keaton** – Sweetest Desires
3rd – Jade Buchanan** – Horsfall: Tail of Two Brothers
HM Samantha Kane** – A Lady In Waiting
HM Carolina Valdez** – Tie ‘Em Up, Hold ‘Em Down

Paranormal / Time Travel

1st – Crystal Jordan** – Treasured
2nd – Eden Rivers** – Broken Pentacle
3rd – Dana Marie Bell** – The Wallflower, Halle Pumas Book 1
HM Mackenzie McKade** – Black Widow
HM Jennifer North** – Party Vamps

Stroke of Midnight


1st Place – Kate MacArthur – The Third Piece
2nd Place – Janet Mullany** – A Subtext of Sex
3rd Place – Grace Hood – Come On Baby, Light My Fire
HM – Nett Robbens** – Falling Again
HM – Alannah Lynne** – Last Call

Paranormal/Time Travel

1st Place – Erika Sands – D’Nar
2nd Place – Lyra Verna – Mastering Her Dark Soul
3rd Place – Paris Brandon** – Blood On The Moon
HM – Letitia Brave – Pandora’s Box
HM – Serena Shay** – The Challenge


1st Place – Michal Scott** – Alone on Earth
2nd Place – Minx Malone** – Milo’s Revenge
3rd Place – Michal Scott** – Possessed by the Past
HM – Michal Scott** – Pandora’s Box
HM – Trinity Blake – Time Pirate


1st Place – Sara Avellino – Renegade
2nd Place – Leigh Court** – The Edge of TIme
3rd Place – Ella Drake – Caught In Silver
HM – Jeffe Kennedy** – Obsidian
HM – Michelle Polaris – Bound Odyssey


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