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What is Passionate Ink?

We’re an online special interest organization for erotic fiction authors, including all genres (such as erotic romance). Our goal is to promote erotic fiction through education and to encourage good will and respect for all erotic fiction writers, regardless of the genre in which they write. This is the place for erotic fiction writers to be heard, understood, educated, supported, and encouraged. Learn more

Our Mission

What is “Erotic Fiction”?

This particular genre of fiction is one where the erotic elements are integral to the plot. Erotic fiction is not pornography — the narrative should not prioritize delivering physical pleasure to the reader or describe physical intimacy for its own sake. The goal of erotic fiction is first and foremost to deliver a well-crafted story. Erotic fiction is literature — requiring the author to invest meaningfully and with equal attention to development of plot, characters, setting, and dialogue. The erotic elements (in the context of any traditional or non-traditional intimate relationship) play a major part in plot and/or character development. Erotic fiction may contain or reflect multiple genres and themes (ie: historical, paranormal, LGBTQ, BDSM culture, polyamory, contemporary); however, for erotic fiction, the erotic element is the *primary* defining genre of the work. Learn more

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