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Passionate Ink is Erotic Romance Special Interest Chapter #207 of Romance Writers of America


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Passionate Plume and Sexy Scribbles News: We’ve revamped our flagship contests and they’re coming back ready for action in 2021! Learn more

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What is Passionate Ink?

We’re the online erotic romance Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Our goal is to promote erotic romance through education and to encourage good will and respect for all romance writers, regardless of the genre in which they write. This is the place for erotic romance writers to be heard, understood, educated, supported, and encouraged. Learn more

Our Mission

What is “Erotic Romance”?

This particular genre of romance is one where the erotic elements are integral to the plot and take the book beyond traditional romance boundaries. The erotic elements (in the context of any traditional or non-traditional romantic relationship) play a major part in plot and/or character development, and the end of the book is emotionally satisfying and optimistic. The story must end with a “happily for now” or “happily ever after” ending. A romance may contain or reflect multiple genres and themes (ie: historical, paranormal, LGBTQ, BDSM culture, polyamory, contemporary); however, for erotic romance, the erotic element is the *primary* defining genre of the work. Learn more

Featured Post

Would You Be the Judge?

Passionate Plume is back. After having to cancel the contest last year, the Passionate Ink board is committed to bringing back our contest and recognizing outstanding erotic romance novels published in 2019 and 2020. But that means we need judges.

Who should judge?

You! Readers of erotic romance. Writers of erotic romance. Lovers of erotic romance. You know the sex scenes are pivotal to the story and character arcs. You know that you will get a happily ever after or at least a happy for now. You know what you love to read.

But I want to enter!

No problem. We still want you as a judge, we’ll just make sure you’re judging a category that you aren’t entering.

I’m not sure I have the time.

We’re only asking you to read three books and fill out a short survey on each one. As a romance reader, you’re likely reading that many books in the same time frame now. And these are current books in your favorite genre.

I’m uncomfortable leaving reviews.

The judges remain anonymous and the score sheets won’t be shared with the authors unless you’re judging the virgin category. In that case, the feedback will still be anonymous.

If you still have concerns, write to me at We need great judges to bring this great contest back to life. You are that great judge!

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