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The Passionate Plume Finalists have been selected by our amazing group of volunteer judges. Check the blog for the complete list.

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What is Passionate Ink?

We’re an online special interest 501(c)(6) non-profit organization for erotic fiction authors incorporated in Texas, supporting all erotic fiction genres (such as erotic romance). Our goal is to promote erotic fiction through education and to encourage good will and respect for all erotic fiction writers, regardless of the genre in which they write. This is the place for erotic fiction writers to be heard, understood, educated, supported, and encouraged. Learn more

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What is “Erotic Fiction”?

The goal of erotic fiction is first and foremost to deliver a well-crafted story. Erotic fiction may contain or reflect multiple genres and themes (ie: historical, paranormal, LGBTQ, BDSM culture, polyamory, contemporary, romance); however, for erotic fiction, the erotic element is the *primary* defining genre of the work. Learn more

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2022 Passionate Plume Finalists

2022 Passionate Plume Finalists2022 Passionate Plume FinalistsThe Passionate Ink board and the Passionate Plume committee are pleased to announce the 2022 Passionate Plume finalists. This year we filled seven categories: Contemporary Erotic Romance – Long, Contemporary Erotic Romance – Short, Erotic Fiction which included our BDSM entries, Historical Erotic Romance, Speculative Erotic Romance, Steamy Romance, and our pre-published category, Virgin.

Thank you to everyone who entered. This contest helps us provide the Passionate Ink members with quality workshops on writing and the business of being an author. Thank you to the amazing group of judges without whom this contest could not happen.

2022 Passionate Plume Finalists

Contemporary Erotic Romance – Long

 Mint to Be – Madelynne Ellis
Valentines Day – Ophelia Bell
What Happens in Chicago – Liz Crowe

Contemporary Erotic Romance – Short

Only Chance at Love – Mia London
The Viking Blues – Jennie Kew
The War Within – Barb Simmons

Erotic Fiction

It’s Paradise, Baby – KD Ryan
The Lodger: That Summer -Levi Huxton
Willing – Leslie Morris Noyes

Historical Erotic Romance

M’Lady – Hannah Morse
Oliva and the Masked Duke – Grace Callaway
Pippa and the Prince of Secrets – Grace Callaway

Speculative Erotic Romance

Between Love and Death  – Deni Dawson
Infernal Desire – Angela Knight
Subversion – Allyson Lindt

Steamy Romance

Ambivalence – Jessica Jayne
Love Under a Diamond Sky – Katherine McLellen
Wrecked Without You – Renee Shelbey


Insidious – Amy Mitchell
Rosalynn’s Rebellion – Maggie Sims
Silently – Tayla Blayne
Congratulations to all of our finalists. We will be announcing the winners June 6. Keep an eye out for information on the details to be posted soon.