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  4. Hi Rose! Yep as Sionna, said, we're here. You just have to be a member to see everything. Nikki
  5. Hi Rose! We're here and PI is definitely active. Some of the chat has moved over to our private Facebook group, which you need to be a current member to join. Also, not all forum sections and topics are visible to non-members. If you'd like to renew membership for 2017, please go to
  6. I never see any new items. Is this group still active?
  7. Congrats!!! How exciting!
  8. PI's first board meeting of 2017 is happening soon. Can't wait to see you there.

  9. Happy New Year Passionate Inkers!

  10. I'm working on two WIPS for NaNoWriMo under my other erotic pen name, Bronwyne Meredythe. The first raw chapter of Playing With Fire is on Tablo. Playing With Fire, a WIP by my other pen name, Bronwyne Meredythe.

    Playing with fire-72dpi-1500x2000.jpg

  11. My 2nd book, "Trapped" was released end of September. Love this cover by artist Dar Albert. Thanks as always to the Loose Id team, and my editor Molly Daniels, for making this book so much better!

    1. Nikki Prince

      Nikki Prince

      Congratulations!  That is a fantastic cover!

    2. A.W. McQueen

      A.W. McQueen

      I'm late to the party but Congrats Reghan! 

  12. Really enjoying the Burning Ink workshop with Angela Knight.

    also, wishing I had gotten off my a@@ and joined RWA and PI years ago... 

    (although that's not quite a long-lived regret with PI that it is with RWA)

    (I am talking to myself in the status update as a form of procrastination.)


  13. So excited to be here!

  14. on Passionate Ink forums for the first time and checking things out. ;)

  15. Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post something like this. I had to share that I've just hit 40k words with my first project. I didn't really have anyone else to tell! Have a great evening! Karen
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