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  3. At last, GENETIC SNARE, book #2 in my Details Series is available at MLR Press. It was 14 years in the making, but I finally got it out. It was surprising but a big relief they way the characters just came right back alive after all that time. Not so easy with pirate speak and gangster slang from the two main characters. I think I'll have to write a third one now. Betrayal, passion, adventure, primal sex, and a fight to the death. Mating a 26th century Oracan Bounty Hunter with a 18th century Earth pirate has its little glitches. Bounty hunter Talos bows to pressure to bring his life mate home for the completion of his strict warrior culture's bonding ritual. Aidan, displaced 18th century Earth pirate -- light- fingered, sly, charming, and understandably naive about the new world he's been thrust into -- can't wait. Even if it turns out someone wants him dead. The 26th century looks different, but it turns out to be a lot like his old life! What's the longest you've gone between books in a series?
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  5. Hello, Everyone! It's nice to meet ya'll. I'm glad to be here.

  6. Hey y'all!

    New member, checking things out. Anything hot happening?

    1. Sionna Fox

      Sionna Fox

      Hi Shana! 

      Welcome to Passionate Ink!

      If things are a little quiet over here, you can also check out our private Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1825243541050543/ A bunch of us are over there and we're fairly chatty. 

      Definitely check back in the forums for updates on pitching opportunities, upcoming workshops, and info about the Passionate Ink party at Nationals. 

      We're so happy to have you!


  7. Where have all the nipple clamps gone?

    Well, what I'm working on features a very take charge women and the male character is seeking to serve. He isn't supplicant but is subordinate. My S&M scenes are much more focused on impact play of various kinds with mental games via the observations and commentary. The non-sexual interactions have a more formal feel and are clearly directed by her in terms of pacing.
  8. Where have all the nipple clamps gone?

    Could something appeal to those readers without being directly in the forcefem niche? That is, if we took out the forcefem, what is left? Strong woman? Male supplicant? She's in charge? He's strong enough to let her be in charge? She's strong enough to take charge? I really want Kria to be appealing and strong so that the story doesn't become one trick with Thor as alpha.
  9. Where have all the nipple clamps gone?

    The one I referenced has a force fem plot as well but based on other Deloto I have read not as...vicious I guess. My own work won't fit the forced fem either. While I enjoy forced fem it is nearly everywhere in F/m material which makes the niche a bit one trick.
  10. Where have all the nipple clamps gone?

    Thank you. After you initially posted, I read a book of the same title by Barbara Deloto, which has a forced feminization plot. I have a secondary character named Kria who is a dominant female, which fits the Viking warrior ethos of Asgaard, and she encourages the heroine to be strong without apology. Kria is strong and direct with her boyfriend, who is strong and silent. However, it probably won't fill the same niche as strong women and forced feminization.
  11. Where have all the nipple clamps gone?

    Sorry so long to get back...It is Sara Desmarais. It appears it is no longer on Amazon but is on Lulu and iBooks.
  12. Where have all the nipple clamps gone?

    Can you remember the author for The Virgin Bride? The two I found by that name are far from F/m. They were still enjoyable, and one of them gave me a good idea how to handle the god/human duality of Thor in my book (which, as you might guess, is about Thor). Thank you.
  13. Where have all the nipple clamps gone?

    Thank you Torden. My favorite novel in the area is The Virgin Bride which has some pretty hot scenes but really lacks in the relationship department and is very much male centric (we see him alone but not her). I have a handful of anthologies with a few stories I really like. When I'm home I'll get some titles and authors.
  14. Where have all the nipple clamps gone?

    Welcome to the party, Tina. Thank you for adding to the discussion. In the F/m romance genre, are there any pinnacle works that stand out as "they don't make 'em like that anymore"?
  15. Where have all the nipple clamps gone?

    Is the lack of these books a lack of supply or a lack of demand? Very late to the party but the lack you are asking about, specifically the dire lack of even merely bad F/m BDSM erotica/erotic romance is what finally got me to move from "writing a book one day" to "writing this book everyday until it is done." I am writing it because I'm tired of not finding it. In talking to people in the scene there is some interest, especially among actual female tops, for this kind of book. To quote one I talked to "I never see me in what is out there". So I would say in my narrower niche it might be lack of supply not lack of demand.
  16. anyone here

    Hi Rose! Yep as Sionna, said, we're here. You just have to be a member to see everything. Nikki
  17. anyone here

    Hi Rose! We're here and PI is definitely active. Some of the chat has moved over to our private Facebook group, which you need to be a current member to join. Also, not all forum sections and topics are visible to non-members. If you'd like to renew membership for 2017, please go to http://www.passionateink.org/join/
  18. anyone here

    I never see any new items. Is this group still active?
  19. a milestone passed...

    Congrats!!! How exciting!
  20. PI's first board meeting of 2017 is happening soon. Can't wait to see you there.

  21. Happy New Year Passionate Inkers!

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